• Ambush: +25% bonus versus armored, mounted, and vanguard class units. (was +33% x2 to armored). 
  • Charge: +1 Movement and +20% versus wounded units (was +33% versus wounded, no bonus move). 
  • Cover: +25% bonus versus ranged attacks (x2) (was 33% x 2). 
  • Removed Formation bonus (changed to Ambush). 
  • Siege: +50% attack and defence against cities and +30% attacking fortified units. (was 50% attack only versus cities). 
  • Logistics: provides additional ranged attack, but both attacks are now only at 75% ranged strength.


  • Removed Boarding Party (changed to Targeting). 
  • Coastal Raider: +15% attack and defence (x3) versus cities (was +20% attack only x3). No change in gold per attack. 
  • Targeting 1: Also provides additional sight +1. (15% naval combat unchanged on all).
  • Targeting 2: Also provides additional movement +1
  • Targeting 3: Also provides additioanl sight +1. 
  • Naval Siege: +30% versus cities (attack and defense), +30% versus fortified units. 
  • Supply changed to Naval Recon: +1 Sight bonus, allows healing in enemy and neutral territory. 
  • Naval Recon 2: Allows withdrawal from enemy attacks (80%). +1 Moves. 
  • Astronomy allows ships to cross oceans and ice tiles. 
  • Anti-Submarine: +25% versus submarines (was 100%). 
  • All ranged ships have 50% defence against ranged attacks. 


  • Bombardment: +15% versus land units (x3) (was +33% x3). 
  • Air Targeting: +15% versus naval units (3x). (Was +33% x2). 
  • Air Siege: +15% attack and defence versus cities (3x) (was +33% x3). 

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