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Games should be intuitive to use and play. Civup does this for the Civ 5 interface. It adds more useful information for players, and greatly expands tools for modders. There are as few gameplay changes as possible. Civup follows the footsteps of unofficial patches like Civ 4 BTS Unaltered Gameplay and the Skyrim Unofficial Patch.


  • Icons show unit promotions over unit flags, right on the main map!
  • An expanded Resource List contains useful at-a-glance information.
  • Everything on the top bar is clickable to see detailed info breakdowns.
  • Copasetic’s enhanced city banner information shows turns until border expansion.
  • Whoward69's invaluable Trade and Citystate tabs on the diplomacy screen are the main hub for diplomacy.
  • CsebMod and Adam Watkins’ mods display extra information on the main map tooltip.
  • Improved citystate screens show better details about exports, and display who’s protecting citystates.
  • Sneaks’ improved City View display consolidates specialists into one convenient box.
  • A small icon on citystate banners shows the ally of the citystate at a glance.

Mod ToolsEdit

  • Building tooltips form automatically by reading the game data files, removing the need to manually write each one by hand. This saves hundreds of hours of work for modders. The system is extendible for building attributes added in mods.
  • A lua message logger based on Java’s log4j provides dramatically easier debugging.
  • Yield functions combined into a better-organized library, with the capability to add, remove, and change most sources of yields in the game.
  • Production lists sorted by category, so items added in mods appear in their proper location.
  • Lua events to check players, units, cities or plots at the start or end of each turn. These loop through each category just once per turn to improve efficiency, and removes the need for multiple loops in multiple files.
  • Lua events detecting when policies are acquired, buildings constructed or destroyed, and other important events.
  • Save and load functions for players, units, and cities.
  • Alpaca’s DiploCorner and CustomMission addins.
  • An extensive library of useful utility functions for modders.

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