This is documentation for the Faith part of the Gameplay Enhanced Mod (CEP version).


  • Food from Camps with Goddess of the Hunt (was 1).
  • Productionin cities with 3+Citizen with God of Craftsmen (was 1).
  • Productionfrom Fishing Boats with God of the Sea (was 1).
  • Sciencefrom cities with a Tradetrade route and Messenger of the Gods (was 2).
  • Culturefrom Shrines with Ancestor Worship (was 1).
  • Culturefrom Pastures with God of the Open Sky (was 1).
  • Culturefrom Plantations with Oral Tradition (was 1).
  • Faithfrom Villages with Religious Settlements (was -15% border expansion cost).
  • Culture/1Faithfrom open Tundra with Dance of the Aurora (was 1Faith).
  • FoodProductionGoldScienceCultureFaithfrom Natural Wonders with One With Nature (was 4 Faith).
  • Gain 2 Faithper 1 Strength of defeated units with God of War (was 0.5 faith per strength).
  • Culture from Temples in cities with 5+Citizen with Choral Music (was 2)
  • 25%Food from Fertility Rites (was 10%)
  • Added Sacred Isles +2 Culture/+2 Faith from Atolls. 
  • Added Tranquil Refuge +2 Culture/+2Faithfrom Oasis.
  • Monument of the Gods 25% Production to ancient and classical wonder production (was 15%).
  • Culture/1Faithfrom Gold and Silver with Formal Liturgy (unchanged)
  • Faith from workboats with God of Tranquility (unchanged)

Founder & Follower BeliefsEdit

  • Foodfrom Shrines and Temples with Feed the World (was 1).
  • Sciencein cities with a specialist and Guruship (was 2 Production).
  • Goldin cities with Church Property (was 2).
  • Goldper 5 Citizenfollowing Tithe (was 1 per 4).
  • 200Gold per converted city for Initiation Rites (was 100). 
  • 50 Scienceper follower of other faiths in cities when spreading Interfaith Dialogue (was 20).
  • Cultureper 3 Citizenforeigners following World Church (was 1 per 5).
  • Cultureper foreign city following Pilgrimage (was 2 Faith).
  • 1 Tourism per world wonder with Divine Inspiration (was 0).
  • Faithfrom Amphitheaters with Liturgical Drama (was 1).
  • 10 Culture/10 Tourism from Hermitage with Religious Art (was 8).
  • +1% Productionper follower (max 20%) with Religious Community (was 1%, max 15%).
  • +25% surplus Foodin all cities when not at war with Swords to Plowshares (was 15%).
  • +30 resting influence with citystates following Papal Primacy (was 15).
  • +1 Happy for every 3 foreign Citizen while not at war following Peace Loving. (was /8Citizen).

Enhanced BeliefsEdit

  • 125% strength and 75% cost prophets with Messiah (unchanged.)
  • 75% Faithcost for Missionaries and Inquisitors with Holy Order (was 70%).
  • 200% missionary conversion strength with Missionary Zeal (was 125%).
  • 130% Faithspread distance with Itinerant Preachers (unchanged).
  • 133% (166% with Printing Press) spread speed with Religious Texts (unchanged).
  • 500% Faithspread speed to citystates with Religious Unity (was 200%).
  • 500 Faitheach time a Great Person is used with Reliquary (was 50).
  • 140% Strengthcombat strength near friendly cities following Defender of the Faith (was 120%).
  • 140% Strengthcombat strength near enemy cities following Just War (was 120%).
  • Merged Defender of the Faith and Just War.

Reformation BeliefsEdit

  • Added Thrift - Use Faith to buy gold buildings. 
  • Added Courage - Use Faith to buy coastal buildings. 
  • Added Work Ethic - Use Faith to buy production buildings. 
  • Jesuit Education can also use Faith to buy libraries

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